The time when I become…

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The days the music stops, are the days the soul goes still.
The day the music fades, is the day connection is no longer established.
The time I close my eyes to the surrounding, the moment, the fact,
is that time when I lose sight of my vision, decision, inspiration to rise.
The occurrence within which I falter, drown, fail to be me,
is the occurrence of a malady, one of a thieving nature, one of a crime
The time I forget that people, things, assets, ducks are lined up FOR me,
is the time my gratitude fails, falters, become sour, become null, I grow
greedy, selfish, hateful, judgmental, rude, disagreeable, ugly. Continue reading

The Three T’s (3-Ts)

Friends, I have chosen to share the following with you. It is a presentation I made on the “Word Made Flesh” radio program presented by the Diocese of Roseau on DBS Radio in Dominica a few years ago. Today, this message is still very pertinent, and serves as a call to Christians. I appreciate your taking the time to read it.

Welcome to yet another “Word Made Flesh” Program. I am your presenter…

Today we focus on” The Fruits of Time, Talent & Treasure. We call them the 3 t’s. We are called upon to use these our Time, our Talent and our Treasures, for the building of the Church – The Body of Christ, God’s very People.

When speaking, – we often say we don’t have time for many things. But where is time and who has it? Time is always there – it’s constant. But we must learn to manage it in order to properly use if for the building of the Kingdom of God. Our every breath comes out in time and so what ever we do daily, should be done to the Glory to God. Continue reading