Just for Today!


Today, I spent some time at the Dominica Broadcasting Station, as a guest on a radio program with my Parish Priest Fr. Herman Sharplis, along with Miss Fredericka James.  We focused on issues such as Resolution making, Relationships (As relates to that with God and others) and setting Boundaries.  There I personally said that I am not keen on resolution making, but more interested in spending each day of the year given me, well.

Then, I got a message from my dear friend and it struck me.  The list of things shared therein, made me wonder whether they are not resolutions within themselves.  Though I have not quite committed to them as My Personal Resolutions for 2013, I thought sharing them with you would be a great idea.  Meanwhile, as if in a subtle manner, I can share them with myself, and safe-keep them here, as a frequent reminder with easy access. Continue reading


Do it Today!!!

Someone once said, “Procrastination is a thief of time.” They must have been right, because you can really watch the time fly by as you engage things that could wait. Come on you know you procrastinate sometimes too. I sure do! hmm

For me, today I just feel like I don’t want to study, or read that text book, I don’t want to begin work on that research paper, but still the date is upcoming, and it is due. Ready or not, Professor awaits it. So, what do I do?

—-Free up my mind
—-Take a rest
—-Eat something substantial
—-Attend that meeting
—-Then hit the book at the final few hours left before Monday morning?

Sometimes that works, but I tell you fellow students, and especially,
fellow seniors often it puts us under unnecessary pressure.
So, I think I should do it while it is early O’clock. Continue reading