There is Nothing Mundane About Sunsets – Absolutely Nothing! They are Beautiful

sunset1Are you like me that you see value in the seemingly mundane of things?  Somehow it is almost impossible for me to spot a sunset somewhere and not gaze upon it.  Even when I drive along various parts, especially along the West and Northern Coasts of our island, I often steal chances to capture such moments, phone in one hand and steering wheel in the other.  This is not a good practice, so please do not try it.  There are many times that I stop the car, park along the roadside and snap away.

Let us face it though, is a sunset really mundane?  I mean who says it is that anyway.  To be mundane is to be: “of, or relating to, characteristic of the world; Characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary: Commonplace.”    The complexity of the reality that we see the sun in the morning and it leaves us and heads to another part of the world where some people will be starting their new day is mysterious to say the least.    The shadows become pronounced as the brightness fades in our parts – the fact is the sun never really sets.   This is how it is termed anyway, so let us maintain it as mentioned – The Sunset!

So what’s with chasing sunsets?  What is in it really?  All over the world people appreciate the color schemes, the crimson, gold, and green, the blindingly amazing display of light that draws us in.

Do not mention the love-birds.  I mean, the lovers who just drown into each other forming silhouettes undefined along our bays, restaurants, beaches and bars while sipping on their favorite drinks or on each other’s lips.  Did I say that?  Oops, I think it is too late to take it back anyway.

Those of you who know me are wondering what I know about that.  Oh well, whatever, I bet it happens any way.   Our part of the world is a good place to chase and capture sunsets.  Ask Yuri Jones, 365MMP, and Chad Ambo among some of our top photographers who continue to shoot some fantastic treasures all around the island.    Their photos far outweigh those here, but I am always so happy with what I can behold.  7

Interestingly, when someone departs the earth, it is referred to as their sunset, so you will see for example: Sunrise 1910 – Sunset 2010 on graves, funeral programs and notice boards.  In that context, a sunset is morbid; it is daunting, dark and evokes pains.  It is even despised.  The use then of sunset to describe such sad life events, can sometimes cause people to shun the idea of the term.  Notwithstanding this fact, the beauty of sunsets cannot be ignored by their beholders.

All along the coastline with the horizon always in sight, it is easy to take these for granted.  Living in the tropics causes us to ignore the luxuries of nature with which we are graced on most days of the year.  All the same, it is in times when we need a distraction, when life gets to fast-paced or when we just need some quality, quiet time with ourselves and our loved ones that we seek gravitate toward and pay attention to things like sunsets.  20

In the midst of our busy lives, I urge us to stop and gaze at the next sunset, breathe into its rays, breathe slowly then as it pulls us in, and even capture a picture if possible.  Inner peace will be the result!  Peace to thrive through another lovely day.  After all my friends, sunsets are nothing like mundane.

Do you love a good sunset?  Can you at least share a photo or your thoughts about them with us?