Strong Woman (I am 3rd place in DD’s Photostory Contest)

The following short story, won me 3rd place in the Dominican Diaspora short story Contest and was featured in the Dominica Literary Festival during August 5th – 7th. Please give a read. The story was based on this photo attached.
Since this was my first ever contest written for, I feel elated to have placed in the top-3. Much gratitude to Natasha Henderson Shillingford, Director of DD for her hard work and effort. Photo included was taken by: Celia Sorhaindo

She was home to thousands for over a hundred years long before my existence, then she became home to me. Who can forget how relentlessly she stood perched high above any high-rise her people ever knew in the town whose name she bore? Stoically this woman was the first to be seen, by the crew of every vessel who approached her safe haven. Like a natural expectation, always on the shore, she had a daily rendezvous with the sea and its patrons. This vast aqua body stood like a source of daily refreshment for the woman’s children, and she was happy to keep watch over them like a mother hen. Somehow people remarked that she was fearless, for only a brave woman could withstand the site of such a vast domain without fleeing even when it got angry at her and her children. Oh and angry it got many a time. Continue reading